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Business intelligence plus AI powered recommendations

Fit Collective is the first AI tool to discover the missed opportunities across your business, and provide the custom actionable recommendations to solve the underlying problem. Increasing conversion, reducing returns and waste. In store and online.

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Image by Jonathan Borba


Production Manager

Hey @fitcollectivebot, make me a graph on the worst financially performing SKUS currently live

Image by Ant Rozetsky

Fit Collective Bot

Hey @Sophie, here are the 37 SKUS causing 64% of your returns. See details of which actionable today

Business Intelligence

Connect as many data sources as possible. Partnered with Shopify & Magento. 

Set it up once, and you're good to go. No hassle or code required.

Overwhelmed with data but starved of insights? We provide a single source of truth on transactions, returns, reviews & production. Harness the power of your business's data to make informed decisions & make your life easier. No more guesswork.

What makes us unique, is once you're set up on our BI layer, we highlight what's actionable, and how. We use AI to create custom recommendations for you - see our follow on products below.


Same day integration 

High ROI pricing

E-Commerce Toolkit: prevent returns

Product description pages are stuck in 2002.


Our e-commerce toolkit uses AI to find the gaps between what you're selling & what your customers want to know and we'll automatically fix it for you, boosting conversion, profits & reducing returns. 

We have a special focus on fit, because it's the leading cause of returns.

  • Custom Generative AI to create extra imagery translating production facts into digestible fit clarity.

  • Interactive 'runs small / runs large' fit bot to help customers pick a size based on machine learning applied to historical transaction data & production insights.

Image by Ant Rozetsky

Fit Collective Bot

Hey @ecomteam. We've generated 2x images to show the exact fit & length of SKU 34879, estimated to reduce returns 14%. Click here to approve

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Image by Arthur Humeau

Amy Jones

Pattern Cutter

Hey @fitcollectivebot. Which pattern should I repeat for midi velvet dress, 0% composition stretch 92 grams, for H&M size chart?  

Image by Zahir Namane


Pattern Cutter

Hey @fitcollectivebot. What changes should I make to SKU 23247 before I re-order it in another colour?

Image by Ant Rozetsky

Fit Collective Bot

Hey @anuj. Based on 348,099,125 data points, we predict changing the chest +3cm on sizes M-XL will reduce returns by $423,000. Click to check

Image by Ant Rozetsky

Fit Collective Bot

Hey @Amy. Based on checking commercial, returns & fit success of the last 78 non-stretch dresses, we suggest replicating the pattern from SKU 872344. Click to see details

Production/Buying Optimiser: prevent returns

We use machine learning to find the causes of returns & customer dissatisfaction, then provide actionable recommendations to prevent these problems repeating in future products or buys. 

The leading cause of returns are fit, so we use our Savile Row heritage to provide enhanced analytics in fit & sizing.

It costs the same to manufacture a high return or low return product. So let's ensure every SKU you make has the highest statistical chance of fit success with your target customer. Every. Single. Time.

Our advanced AI technology

Our proprietary


Our unique ML


Our Production expertise







fc dashboard
Image by AllGo - An App For Plus Size People

Customised Access for SLT, employees & suppliers 

Dashboard FINAL.jpg

Discover your brand's perfect fit for your customers


Save team time from manual data trawling


Actionable insight & opportunities to reduce returns

It takes just a couple of hours to connect your data silos end to end across your business. The Fit Cloud serves as a foundation from which our intelligence, e-commerce and production modules can supercharge your business's improvements.

About Us 

Our fashion obsessed founders include Phoebe, the first womenswear tailor on Savile Row & AI recommendation expert Romain, who was previously a fashion retailer CTO.


We're backed by world class tech investors including Entrepreneur First.


Analytics & custom recommendations plus our unique fit angle, solve the leading cause of returns.


We're not afraid to get down & dirty into production, fixing fit preventatively


We empower your teams with actionable insights - not spreadsheets


We customise our products to your business's needs

Start reducing your returns today. 

Get ahead of EU regulation on fashion waste.

On day 1, we found a 5%

fit change for a $1B retailer that would save them $423K annually,

on just one SKU.

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