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If you have a returns problem, then you have a fit problem

Leading fashion retailers often don't even know how problematic their fits are; the highest cause of returns, lost conversion, misspent customer acquisition and missed customer lifetime value opportunity. All because a garment was a few centimetres off.

If you don't think you have a fit problem - that's fine! The BI layer will uncover hundreds of actionable recommendations across your business, and perhaps spotlight the economic value of your fit problem & how to solve it.


Why analytics + fit?

The fundamental cause of lost profits is returns. The main cause of returns is fit (71%). Therefore to boost profits, we need to improve fit. 


We don't think fashion retailers should be paying for a BI tool + a fit recommendation tool + use up team time to figure out what the data from the tools means, let alone how to action it - right now. 

Our BI intelligence layer understands exactly which customer buys what products, who returns & why, which fits are successful & why. So of course - we believe the fit recommendation should be a fundamental output of the business intelligence. No one knows better than your own data - we help show you where to look.


The two tools combined provide exponential ROI to fashion brands. Businesses using two siloed tools cannot compete with the quality and easy actionability of these insights & recommendations. 

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No more data silos

We know retailers have loads of data stuck in silos that can't speak to each other. Perhaps your business also pays for a fancy BI tool, but no one knows how to use it or what to read into the 428 graphs. Let alone what action to take from them. 

We do all the leg work for you, after a one-day integration, we set you up with our custom BI which shows you what's happening within the business, and highlights what's worth looking at.


Then we layer on our custom AI to create custom recommendations to increase commercial success of your products, reduce returns and overstock.

You're probably using a fit tool that doesn't work

Let me guess - you're using a fit tool that hasn't actually proven to reduce your return rate? Or one that can't improve your in-store conversion?

Fit tools that only use body measurement tables are equivalent to putting a band-aid on a broken leg, they don't solve the underlying problem - that there are (sometimes intentional) fit inconsistencies across SKUS. 

In a few years, phones will provide accurate body measurements to consumers, however the return rate will not decrease if 1. the garments are not aligned with the size chart or 2. when they are intentionally varied from the size chart - the website informs consumers. 

We are the only fit tool that solves those problems.

Getting your fit variance under control will make or break the businesses that survive the next decade of fashion retail. 

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