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Hello Shopify Brands! Here's an intro to Fit Collective, the first solution fixing fit to reduce returns: from production to e-com.

Image by Ant Rozetsky

Fit Collective Bot

Hey @anuj. Based on 348,099,125 data points, we predict changing the chest +3cm on sizes M-XL will reduce returns by $423,000. Click to check

Image by Zahir Namane


Pattern Cutter

Hey @fitcollectivebot. What changes should I make to SKU 23247 before I re-order it in another colour?

If you have a return problem, then you have a fit problem. 71% of returns are fit/size related, and we make them preventable.

We help retailers reduce their returns by improving fit - uniquely across the business; production, buying, e-com and marketing.

Pre-production - we're the ai co-pilot to the buying/production teams - ensuring every item you sell is optimised for lowest possible returns, not guesswork. 

Image by Ant Rozetsky

Fit Collective Bot

Hey @ecomteam. We've generated 2x images to show the exact fit & length of SKU 34879, estimated to reduce returns 14%. Click here to approve

gant demo.jpg

Post-production: creating digestible fit guides for e-com that actually work based on production data plus enhanced data segmentation on which customers will buy & keep which fits.

Please send me an email here, or book a time to connect here.

See you soon!


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