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AI co-pilot for
fit optimisation
end-to-end; production, buying, e-com & marketing

Imagine a world where production & buying teams create data driven products, rather than flying blind.

For e-com, where fit suggestions actually work + reduce returns.

Powered by our single source of truth on product-success across transactions, returns & reviews

For marketeers: enhanced data segmentation matches customers to SKUS with fits we know they'll keep

This is next generation BI. We create a single source of truth on product-success across transactions, returns & reviews, highlight the most interesting product & fit findings, then crucially & uniquely...

Image by Ant Rozetsky

Fit Collective Bot

Based on the production data, we know your customers are going to find this product oversized, and return at 65%+ let's update the website with a recommendation to shop down a size

provide actionable 
recommendations to prevent errors, boosting business in-store and online. Powered by machine learning AI

Image by Ant Rozetsky

Fit Collective Bot

Hey @Sophie, here are the 37 SKUS causing 64% of your returns. See details of which are actionable today

Image by Ant Rozetsky

Fit Collective Bot

Based on PLM data, we suggest using Factory F for manufacturing this SKU, as their grading results in 23% less returns in the larger sizes, which offsets the slightly higher cost.

Image by Ant Rozetsky

Fit Collective Bot

This product was a good seller but a great low return rate. 95% of the customers who kept it said they would buy it in another colour.

Making optimised products your customers love increases profits & CLV, while reducing returns, waste, overstock, & emissions

We're fit focused (not exclusive) as
1. it's the leading cause of returns 

2. returns are the leading cause of lost profits

3. fit is measurable & repeatable (design is not)

4. fit success determines CLV

5. fit expertise is often outsourced.

6. existing fit tools are expensive & don't work

Unlock the secrets & opportunities trapped in your data today - you never know what you'll find

Our advanced AI technology

Our proprietary


Our unique ML


Our Production expertise







fc dashboard
Image by AllGo - An App For Plus Size People

Customised Access for SLT, employees & suppliers 

Dashboard FINAL.jpg

Discover your brand's perfect fit for your customers


Save team time from manual data trawling


Actionable insight & opportunities to reduce returns

It takes just a couple of hours to connect your data silos end to end across your business. The Fit Cloud serves as a foundation from which our intelligence, e-commerce and production modules can supercharge your business's improvements.

About Us 

Our fashion obsessed founders include Phoebe, the first womenswear tailor on Savile Row & AI recommendation expert Romain, who was previously a fashion retailer CTO.


We're backed by world class tech investors including Entrepreneur First.


Analytics & custom recommendations plus our unique fit angle, solve the leading cause of returns.


We're not afraid to get down & dirty into production, fixing fit preventatively


We empower your teams with actionable insights - not spreadsheets


We customise our products to your business's needs

Start reducing your returns today. 

Get ahead of EU regulation on fashion waste.

On day 1, we found a 5%

fit change for a $1B retailer that would save them $423K annually,

on just one SKU.

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